Sunday, February 10, 2013

Churaumi Aquarium

We went to the Churaumi Aquarium, here on Okinawa.  Really, we went back in... November? Yeah, November. But as you know, I am a stellar blog-keeper-upper.  That's kind of a goal for this year... to be better at that. It's a work in progress.  Anyway, we stopped at a little ramen restaurant on the way.
This is it.  It was yummy! 
Workin' with chopsticks... 
Not one of her successful moments...
The nice restaurant owner gave the kids little packages of crispie snacks. So, here they are, holding them, on the steps of the Aquarium grounds.  (Tara, if you're reading this, this was the one time M wore those cute little shoes. Then we realized they were too small. Bummer for us. Yay for you!)
There's all these.. what would you call them? Not statues, exactly... well, you can see for yourself. Shrubbery and what-not, in the shapes of animals! This is a whale shark.  We are riding the shark! Fulfillment of a dream for Maeve... well, if she just pretends it's a Great White... (referencing THIS video...oh, shoot! After a thorough search, I realize that I never posted that video on here! Just on Facebook.  Darnit. Well, keep an eye out for a video about shark-riding, because I must remedy this.)
Giant Shi-sa peek-a-boo
The twinsies and I next to a turtle shrub thing. What are those called?? Topiaries! Yes? Googling now... yes, I believe that's what I'm looking for. Some of these topiaries have a bit of structural assistance.
Annnnnd, bird versions.
Okinawa is beautiful. Just beautiful.
We headed down to the dolphin tanks first, and had a lot of fun watching them show off. 
Then it was the REAL show time!  The kids loved it.
Bran got to help the trainer tell the dolphin what to do. He was pretty pleased with himself...
Turtles. Maeve liked them alot.
"Come here, widdle turtle..." 
Then we went in the main aquarium, and that's where we had to pay.  You could go to the aquarium grounds, and see the dolphins, and turtles, and a few other exhibits for free! Pretty cool. You just hafta pay when you go in the main building.  Isn't the octopus TOPIARY just the awesomest? That face! Ha! 
Nuala picked up a starfish, right when I saw the sign telling us NOT to pick them up. I knew not to anyway, but 5 (at the time) year olds apparently do not. She was nicely reminded, by a Japanese employee just as I was getting to her. I'm pretty sure that they can't NOT be nice!
Bran and a pret-ty big lobster.  
A shark jaw. Ooooh, scary! 
It's a really neat place. We got season passes so we can go back, buuuuut we haven't yet.  They also have a fun rope climby area outside of it.  THAT is where...

Nuala lost her very first tooth!  Somehow it got snagged on a rope and popped out. Exciting stuff! She and Bran had the same tooth loose for the longest time.  Then she lost hers, and about a week later Bran lost his. As of NOW, they have both lost both bottom middle teeth. Bran lost his second one just last night, in fact... Cute little toothless twins!  Here in Japan, the tooth fairy brings a dollar AND 100 yen.  Luckies...


zachariah said...

Topiaries... excellent word. This already seems like so long ago, I had forgotten a lot of the detail.

Grandma said...

Way cool adventure! The shark moth is more that I want to know about. Now I will think of that when at the ocean and not want to get in. I was just sure their were sharks in Uruguay and wouldn't go very far in the water. Now I will probably be terrified to get in at all.
Love Grandma Buttons

David said...

Such beautiful pictures ... the topiaries are so gorgeous. The children are having fun... you all are enjoying beautiful Okinawa and sharing it with us so well ... thank you! Love, Mom (Dad too) xox

Aislinn said...

First official pictures that inspire jealousy over here! Aine says, "It's not fair. They get to live THERE and we have to live in Blockhouse Creek. Forever." Ha! YAY for lost teeth! Rowan is jealous of that, seeing that he is still waiting for one...any even get loose. He keeps *thinking* one might be loose, but no such luck, yet...;) That aquarium looks FABULOUS! Okinawa really is so beautiful! It looks like what I imagine Hawaii must look like, too.