Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bran and Nuala: The big S-I-X

Our biggest rascals turned six in December. SIX! You have to use TWO hands for that! That makes you a big kid, according to our friend, Megan.  I have this long post all typed up, about the neat stuff they've learned to do this past year, but it's not quite good-to-go, and I've waited too long already to get their birthday one up.  They're now actually six-and-one-month-and-one-week-and-one-day.  So, that post wherein I wax eloquent about their fabulousness? It's just gonna hafta come later... (I know, I know... it's difficult to wait...) Let's get some birthday pics up!! 
Zachariah, Maeve, and I took cupcakes to their class. It was so much fun. I just love their kindergarten teacher, and their whole little class. I'm already feeling sad that it's half over! I never got to take treats to school for MY birthday, since it's in July, and I always wished that I could, even though I liked having a summer bday... Miss Parker has the birthday boy and/or girl stand at the front of the carpet squares and they get sung to.  It was really kind of a big deal, it seemed, which is awesome for the kids. They sang to both of them, and then the boys all sang and danced with Bran, and then the girls all sang and danced with Nuala. While that was going on, we put cupcakes at everyone's spot. 
Nuala and Raymond, with a new little addition! Maeve was so excited to be there.
 Muffin Man's table.
 After cupcakes, Miss Parker put on more music and EVERYONE danced. It got a little crazy there at the end. It was so fun seeing them have so much fun!

Nuala getting goodbye birthday hugs from some of her friends.   
Just a bit more six-(with a dash of almost-three) year old cuteness...
 We went to Macaroni Grill for their bday dinner. Cousin Kyle, who's stationed out here with the Marines, came with us.

Then we had a little party for them a couple of days later, and I didn't take ANY pictures! Well, I took two. At the very end. But they had fun, suffice it to say. They're holding up the remnants of a paper bag pinata we made... a cute monster. I was slightly over-proud of him, but totally forgot to take a picture before the whacking began. Sigh.

The kids all decorated their own mini-creature bags, to keep their goodies in.  From the left: Bran's, Nuala's, and Maeve's.  I love Maeve's. That's where she wanted the eyes to go, by golly!

Oh, yeah, one of the two party pics. Blowing out their number 6 candles on their doughnuts. 
Woohooo for being six!!!! We love you, Bran and Nuala!


Hills said...

We loved the post, and wished it was our birthday because that looked really fun! It looks like you guys are doing great in Japan too. The kids are getting so grown up! That little Maeve is such a ham for the camera! Reminds me of Jeff :) Miss you guys, hope to catch up this summer!
Love Hills and Jeff and Olivia of course!

David said...

Wow, what a fabulous and fun birthday celebration! Love their birthday hats. One would think you would spell out Nuala's full name throughout this post in honor of her hat! Maeve may not want to move until she has her sixth birthday bash there. Great pictures, sorry Zac missed out on being in one of them.
Love ya all, Mom and Dadxoxoxoxoxoxo

Grandma said...

Fantastic Birthday parties and terrific, fun pictures. I love doughnuts I would never have thought of them for a birthday cake. Of course I should since for Terry and Abe's B-days I make lemon meringue pie. Loved the monster bags to take the treats home with.

Tara said...

Happy happy birthday to them! What a fun school celebration. I'm eagerly awaiting the long, gushy post about the two of them :)