Monday, November 26, 2012

Paragliding in Bulgaria

Fiona is folding laundry, so I'm going to sneak a post in... One of our many favorite things to do in Bulgaria was to paraglide. Living up on Vitosha mountain behind Sofia gave us ready access to a great flying area. We will put up a more detailed post soon with pictures and stories but for now we wanted to share some videos. The first video I made and it shows our last flights from two of our favorite spots. Nuala is sad because she didn't make the last video as she did not get a last chance to fly due to bad weather, though both of them fly in the second video. The second video is one made by my cousin Ben when he came out to Bulgaria in October 2010:
2012 (June) Last Flights in Bulgaria from Fiona Rollins on Vimeo.

Paragliding in Sopot, Bulgaria from Ben Ford on Vimeo.


Tara said...

Very cool. I love the head/hat/whatever video camera, it was fun to see it from that perspective! I love how brave your kids are! My girls both were very concerned about 'poor Auntie Fiona falling down' :). Will there be anywhere close by in Japan to do your paragliding?

pauline said...

Thank you for letting me go "fly" by proxy ... it was a lot of fun to watch ... esp b/c we already know the outcome was favourable (nobody got hurt!) ... those are great videos to have ... for you to enjoy the experience over and over ... like the last stanza in Wm Wordsworth's poem The Daffodils... The children looked like they are pretty fearless too ... like their parents :) Really like the songs as well ... Thanks for sharing ... love Mom (Dad too) xox

fiona said...

What great videos! I'm sad that we're not in beautiful Bulgaria to paraglide anymore... But I'm happy here, too! It's really too bad you didn't leave the camera on and get some footage of how tangled up in that huge thorn bush I was. I got dragged through TWO bushes, and lodged in the third... OUCH. Bran is so cute, how much he loves flying. Poor Nuala, not getting one last go in!

Grandma said...

Way cool Zachariah. Dad and I kept saying ouch along with Fiona and the sticker bush. We also laughed. It was just like flying with you. Probably the closest I will get.