Thursday, February 23, 2012

THAT'S what those "little balls" are for! And other 5-year old quotes...

Welcome to the next installment of: The Things They Say...

Nuala: Mom, last time at Sloane's house when we were watching that Joseph movie, there was a part about BUTLERS! I did not like that part!
Me: Why not?
Nuala: Because they kept saying BUTT!
Me: What's a "butt"?
Nuala: (big pause) You have to figure that out for yourself!
Bran (not wanting to go on a nature walk): We could pick up leaves in our backyard and pretend it is nature!
Nuala: Mom, what's F - A - G?
Me: F - A - G?
Nuala: Yeah.
Me: Oh, where did you hear that? Why are you asking?
Nuala: Because I don't know!
Me: (sigh) Well...
Z: I think she means "F - H - E"... (Family Home Evening)
Me: Ooooh!

Me: I really like having a little boy!
Bran: And I like having you!
Bran: Mom, look! My spoon has great faith!
Me: What...?
Bran: Yeah, look... (it was resting on top of the milk in his bowl, like it was "walking on water")
Bran: That one is a no-arm-and-leg ghost!
Me: A "no underwear" ghost?
Bran: No, a NO-ARM-AND-LEG ghost! But him also has no underwear...
Bran: Nuala, I think you are the beautifulest girl in the whole wide world! (then, seeing me coming down the stairs) ... and YOU, Mama!
One of Bran's "special places."
Nuala (about walnuts): I don't like these anymore... when they are big they give me too much taste!
Nuala (about her bike): I don't ever want to crash my beauty!
Bran (following her out of the garage with his bike): I don't want my COOL to crash either!
Nuala: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Bran: I do not know... maybe a doctor!
Nuala: A doctor is boring...
Bran: But then I could give you a shot -- right in the arm!

Bran: Mom, who do you think is cuter out of Maeve and Nuala and Bran?
Me: Oh, I don't know... You're all SUPER cute!
Bran: If I were you, I would pick Maeve... Maeve and Bran!
Me: Can I sing as beautifully as Maria (from The Sound of Music)
Bran, nodding: Actually, even BEAUTIFULLER! (ha! yeah, right. But, thanks :)
Bran (very matter-of-factly, during a dispute): Nuala, say a prayer to ask Jesus. Him will say that I am right!
Bran: Maeve is my best baby. Her is perfect however her is!
Bran: If someone tries to hurt Maeve, guess what? I will play with him, and then... I will play ROUGH! (laughing)

Me (we were jumping off the side of the trampoline into the piles of snow, pretending to fly): I'm a pterodactyl!
Bran: I'm a paraglider!
Nuala: I'm a rainbow dragon princess with a crown and a dress! And I'm doing ballet in the air!
Bran (while watching Scooby Doo): What's a sanitorium?
Me: A hospital for crazy people.
Bran: What's crazy? Bulgarian?
Bran: Daddy always says "crazy Bulgarians!" (About driving! About driving. You would say that, too.)
Bran: I don't think I heard Maeve very well.
Nuala: So you need GLASSES for your EARS?
Bran: Maeve, you're so cute! Like Paddington Bear!
Inside one of the snow caves Z built in the yard.
Nuala: AAAAaaaahhhhh!
Bran: I accidentally putted my foot in Nuala's eye!
Bran (as he was about to run inside the house on Z's bidding): Daddy! I cannot! Something cute is coming out! (Maeve in her snowsuit...definitely counts as "something cute.")
Nuala: Mooo-ooom! Bran just hurt my ankle!
Me: Oh, I'm sorry! I heard him say sorry...
Nuala: But it really hurts! It's... my left ankle on my right foot!
Nuala: I think everybody will pucker when they see my nails!
Bran: Nuala pushing us in the swing is super romantic!
Me: Why?
Bran: It's slow and quiet, of course!

Z (right before the kiddos went to bed): What are you chewing?
Nuala: Nothing.
Z: No, really... what are you eating?
Nuala: Well, a little bit of throw up came up, but I swallowed it back down... (he just HAD to ask)
Bran (who had been asking about what "these little balls" were for a couple of days earlier, and I had told him that they help him to make babies when he grows up and gets married): Mom! I know! Do they both go together (makes two little fists and fits them together) and make the baby's heart?!
(I then explained a little bit more...he's super interested in how things -- and people, apparently -- are built)
Bran (as Maeve and her little buddy Ivy enter the room as Bran's changing. He was caught in his undies): Hi, Ivy! You didn't mention you were coming in here...
Bran, telling me about a not-so-nice interaction with some older boys at swimming class: If there was a littler child and he was always slow, I would be nice to him even if he didn't know my name, because everyone is a child of God.
(I did talk to the boys the following class. It went well.)

Waiting in line for the tow-rope while skiing. They make us laugh and/or pull our hair out.


Aislinn said...

Hahaha! All of these crack me up soooo much. I love the FHE one...good thing you hemmed and hawed before jumping in to explain that one! Bran telling Nuala to pray and ask Jesus if he was right made me LAUGH SO HARD. What a sweetheart he is. Okay, all of them made me laugh, but seriously, Bran is like the sweetest boy ever!

pauline said...

I have been laughing and laughing, very loudly too! They have been saying such cute things... glad you kept track. I laughed esp at the chewed-up-throw-up!... poor N! Her makeup is great ... eye shadow and lipstick too! B's special place, looks cozy... it's nice to have a protective little boy around for N&M, and nice that he knows they are so beautiful and cute! They are surely pretty little princesses in their lovely outfits... Imagine that, ballet in the air!!! Heeheehee, you sing better than Maria... you must've been taking music lessons ... good idea! I'll hafta admit, the title of your post had me waiting to see the explanation, and it was (of course) interesting... gotta ask questions B ... your Mom had lotsa those when she was little too (only we didn't blog... sigh sigh) ... thanks for the hearty laughs you provided with this post heeheehee ... love, Mom (Dad too) xox

Tara Milligan said...

They are so awesome. I love how much Bran loves Maeve, that is so cute! I was reading them out loud to Marc and we were cracking up. Loved Nuala's description of what she was as she jumped off the trampoline. And the crazy Bulgarians, hilarious.

gin said...

Oh Fiona. I was hoping this post would never end. I was laughing the entire time. May I please just tell you; your blog is one of the best on my blogroll. I love your sense of humor, your parenting style...seriously. You always manage to inspire me and make me laugh.

Twinkies said...

Those are awesome. Remember how boring life was before kids. Yeah I don't either. I love the holy spoon one.

Megan and Greg said...

I love these quote posts you do! So great!

Grandma said...

LOL LOL oh my gosh I love what little ones say. Especially their definitions. I love Bran's idea that his 2 balls together make a baby heartbeat! What A PRICELESS blog!