Monday, November 14, 2011

more Grandma Buttons pictures...

Zac's mom came out to stay with us for about 10 days before the rest of the gang arrived for the Romania trip. In those 10-ish days, we had a lot of fun with her! Just, my camera wasn't invited to a lot of it, apparently... Here she had painted the girlies' nails. Maeve stayed nice and still the whole time, a feat she has yet to accomplish when she asks ME to paint her nails. Nuala was thrilled to add Grandma Button's nail polishes to her collection.

While the nail painting was happening on the porch, THIS was happening in the yard. Bran (and me) versus Daddy! This was really fun, and really good exercise. And probably kinda dangerous, when you get right down to it. Just whacking each other with whatever weapon was on hand. And frisbees. And dart guns. Well, the darts.
Then the little girls joined in. Isn't Z just the sweetest daddy ever? Look at him, hurtling towards his innocent little toddler... mace extended... battle cry almost echoing off the screen...
We took GB to the park. We had lovely weather (end Sept./beginning Oct.)! Weather I'm kinda missing about now. Almost ALL the leaves are off our trees! Yep. I bet you're shocked to hear that, since it's only the middle of November... haha.
Maeve found a little friend there. Isn't he a cutie? Yep.
We went to Pancharevo, the nearby hot springs pool, twice. Well, I only went with them once, the second time GB wrangled all three of them while I drove ALONE to pick Z up from work. The car was really, really quiet. N&B had been working on their swimming skills during the summer, and had been able to ditch the life jackets in the deep (for them) end and doggie paddle/flounder around pretty darn well. Grandma helped them fine tune some skills. They had so much fun! Maeve toodled around in her little life jacket, too. She also had fun, and was also cute.
We took a little walk up our mountain. And, look! Shorts and sandals! (Can you tell I'm pining just a tad for that lovely weather? I like fall, but now it's getting coooolllld...)
Bran, itty bitty on the left, and Nuala, not so itty bitty on the right, climbing up a very rocky (more like "boulder-y") stream. Bran is NOT peeing, though it kinda looks like it.
Me and Maeve, when she got tired and wanted to be worn. Doesn't happen so much anymore.
Grandma Buttons on a cute little bridge. And then everyone else arrived and we gallivanted off to Romania. It was terrific to have Grandma all to ourselves for a little while, though!


Shannon said...

GB told me she had fun. Glad to see some of the pics of her visit. I love the elephant play structure.

pauline said...

That was so nice ... GB was brave to take all 3 swimming!... and her nail job is awesome. Funny you should bother to explain, but when I saw the pic of N&B climbing the boulders, yep indeed... I thought that's what he was doin' ... good thing it's a sturdy fightin'-swing in your back yard :) ... and your weather was nicel. Thanks for sharing... love, Mom (Dad too) xox

Tara Milligan said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I agree, it was really brave of GB to take all three swimming! T says "wow, he's a good swinger!" about Z (she sneaked down from bed wearing her Snow White dress over her jammas) and I really like that picture of you and Maeve, it's so cool!

Grandma said...

I SO WANT TO COME BACK NOW!!!I loved taking them swimming. It wasn't hard at all. My son makes a terrific screaming mace bearing DAD. I so enjoyed my own special week with you Fiona and Zac and kids.