Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Big Four

They're four now!
This is the night of their actual bday, blowing out the candles on their leftover birthday cake.
This was the first year they had a "real" birthday party... You know, friends invited! It was kind of a ninja/dancer theme. Really, though, the only ninja/dancer stuff were these pics I drew to hang up and the kids decorated ninja headbands and did some ninja-y chopping of beanbags. I bought a board that can be broken and put back together. It's a "beginner" board, but ended up pretty tough for even Z to break. I didn't have much of a problem, but you know... ;) So the kids couldn't really swing it. We were gonna do dancing with streamers and stuff, but when there are 12 little kids, most of the time was spent running around with swords and stuff and screaming.
The four year-olds with their nicely colored pics.
The ninja chopping-of-beanbags.
Nuala with the girls -- Keira, Mia, and Sloane.
Bran and (most of) the boys --Liam, Cort, William, and Blake. Tyler was there, but couldn't spare a minute to stop playing and be in the pic. We all know how that goes! Charlie was there, too. Side note: N&B always call Liam, "Liam with the black hair" to differentiate from cousin Liam with the white-blond hair... good thing they specify since otherwise I might think that it was COUSIN Liam who they saw at the embassy, etc...
The cake. Wacky cake that the twins decorated. I had grand plans to make two super-creative, ultra-cool and individualized cakes, but yeah.... Oh, well.
Blowin' out the candles! Gotta love a spit-drenched cake! And my goodness... you shoulda seen the haul they got! Their friends were so generous! Santa almost should just bypass our place this year, but he won't. Good thing we only plan to do big parties with friends every 4 years.
And here's Charlie! He and Maeve always part with big smooches.
Okay. Here's their real birthday. They were dressed pretty cute for church, so afterwards I thought I'd get some pics of the two of them... you know, actually looking presentable... ;)

Buuuut... I made the mistake of trying to do a pic with all 3 first.
After many many shots that turned out like this...
I totally forgot to take any more of the birthday kiddos.
We were all just done. And I love this one. They were both plugging their ears... it's so automatic now! Maeve starts a-screamin' and their fingers pop right in.
Happy birthday, Bran and Nuala! We love you rascals soooo much!!


Tara Milligan said...

Happy fourth birthday Bran and Nuala! Their party sounds way fun, I'm impressed with the decorating job on the wacky cake, it looks great! Lol, Maeve looks a little unsure about that kiss....I love all the after church pics! They do look super cute, despite the lack of smiling ;) He he, I think the first pic of all three of them is my favorite!

David said...

Looks like a great birthday N&B. Certainly was fun for you and seeing the pictures was fun for us. Love how Maeve was making her displeasure known! Love, Dad and Mom

Grandma said...

I LOVE MY BRAN and NUALA!!!! Happy birthday you munchikens. Enjoyed those After church pics. they are priceles. Also so typical.

kjb said...

Happy birthday N&B! We're so sorry we missed the party (it looks like a great one!) but we'll find a way to celebrate when we return to Sofia. Hope you had a fantastic day and enjoy Christmas, too! Hugs from Naia & Gabriel.

Mike said...

Happy Birthday Bran and Nuala!!! 4, I can't believe it. They all grow too fast. Need to find a way to slow that down a little.

Rob and Erin Smith said...

Hahaha! I love the after church pics! So awesomely real. Especially love the plug the ears one! Happy Birthday!!! Nuala and Bran are Four! Crazy! Looks like a super fun party with a delicous wacky cake, yum!, and Nice job on the dancer and ninja pics! You've always been such a good artist! Hahaha Liam with the black hair, awesome! Great post!

pauline said...

This was great ... I love the pics... and the party did look like fun ... thanks for sharing all the milestones with us, so well... Love you, Mom (Dad too) xox