Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everybody's got a little Indy in them!

The twins have been perfecting their whipping used to be they had to be prompted as to when to use them (to hurry someone up), but now the little darlings have it all figured out! They will outta nowhere whip us or each other if they happen to be going somewhere and want company. In the video, Bran doesn't showcase his skills much, but believe me, he is quite the task-master. My freakishly deep voice I blame on the cold I was recovering from. Yeah...and I blame my nicely sprouting beard on that, too... Joking!! I do not have facial hair. And FINE. I know you're saying, "your voice sounds normal!" It's just in my mind I'm less manly, I guess... Okay, I tried all day to upload the video I was going to, but it just won't work! I've tried many different tactics, and...nothing. Grrr... So this video will's got some whoopcha action, a bit of Nuala sit-dancing, Bran sweetly calling Nuala a "baby," etc., it's cute. Even without the bonus monster roars on the other vid. But, boy, Nuala gets that whip going there at the end!

Note: Bran is indeed wearing a tie and pink sweatpants in portions of the videos. I wish I could blame the pink sweats on him, but it was his mean mommy's fault. Even meaner is to video him in them and then post it for all to see, haha! I think he looks like a rock star.


Tara Milligan said...

Such a cute video! I love Nuala whipping Zac at the end, very cute. I was totally going to comment on Bran's pants, but then I kept reading and saw that you already did ;) I think they're pretty awesome, not everybody could pull off that look!

Rob and Erin said...

hahaha of course You would teach them this vital survival skill! I love Bran's husky little voice! Also love the outfit, already following in your Punky Brewster style! They are sooo cute! Nuala's a good dancer. arm work is crucial in dance communication

Ben said...

That cracks me up every time I see it!! Whoopcha!!

Ben said...

Fiona, you'll have a much easier time uploading videos if you do this:

1) Upload the video to

2) Post the "embed" code on your blog

Youtube can handle the upload process much better.

Rochelle said...

Great Video! Loved the Whoopcha!