Tuesday, July 01, 2014

While Mommy was traveling...

For years I have had to travel for work and once a year I have gone on a hike with my family.  Fiona has supported me throughout, even when the appleTV has broken down and the car battery died... I have been trying to get her to go on a trip with her sisters where she would not have to worry about packing skivvies for the kids or not be able to watch anything on 26 hours of flight and airports whilst wrastling the wiley kids...

Well, this year it finally made sense to her to go meet her sisters.  So I was left to manage the rascals for 12 days.  Mommy will return tonight and surprisingly the house is intact, the laundry is done, tha cats are alive, and the kids are pretty much undamaged...

Dinner at Chilis the night before mommy left

Catching fish and turtles at the turtle pond with Grandma Buttons

Building a new cat tree

Playing in the oppressive Okinawan heat with a brand new hose

Nuala's war wound from the slip and slide

Bran reading in the hammock with Koji

Maeve and little Fiona flying the AWAC at the Kadena air show

Watching the Shi Shi Mai dance

Maeve and Zumi watching some toons together

New crockpot quiche recipe fed the crowd after church

Maeve and Zumi sleeping off a busy day


Tara said...

Looks like lots of fun while Mommy was gone, thanks for sharing her with us! Maeve looks so cute and snuggly with your kitty cat.

Carolyn said...

Fiona, I really did feel blessed you came to see me the other day. It was so fun and made the day bearable.

pauline said...

It looks like Zac did a good job holding things together! and the children had fun with Grandma Buttons I can tell :) Guess it was a win/win situation, as we all had fun too :)

fiona said...

These are such cute pictures!! Now it is September, and summer was good. Very good. You did great while I was gone, of COURSE! Zumi was so small way back in June... I love the pics of him and Maeve sleeping! And Bran in the hammock reading. With the dog. So Bran. Nuala's knee! Poor girl. War wounds are cool! ;)