Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Table manners? I've heard of those!" ...a QUOTES post...

This is a procrastinaty one... I was getting together some recent quotes I'd jotted down all around the house, and then found these ones a-waitin' in line... I'm a year -- a YEAR (okay, over a year) -- behind in putting up a quotes post.  So, the "recent" (because let's face it... even those aren't gonna be recent recent) ones will hafta wait!

Belogradchik, Bulgaria, Spring 2012
March 2012

Nuala: Will we always be your little girls and little boys even when we are far away from you?
Me: Yes, of course!
Nuala: And I’m always gonna live right by you! (Thinks for a moment...) Unless you don’t tell me where you’re gonna live...

Gutter fun on a walk, Bulgaria, Spring 2012
Maeve: Mommy, I want my candy of egg! (over and over) Is that my candy of egg? (Easter candy)

Maeve: Give me a pridacy! (while on the potty)
April 2012, age 2y2m
April 2012

Maeve: A spider! Can I step on him?
Me: No. Heavenly Father made him, and loves him, etc. etc., he’s not hurting us, he’s outside, etc...
Maeve: Can I kiss him?

Me: ...uh.... NO....

Our kids tell time in Scooby Doo episodes (or used to, at least. Kinda still do.)

Nuala: How long is the drive to Istanbul?
Zac: Six hours...
Nuala: How many Scoobies is that?

Bran: Mom, Nuala squeezed my arm really hard by this big owie!
Nuala: Well, he called me a name!
Bran: Only “Toilet Paper!”

Spring 2012, Bulgaria
Me: Do you not really like them because they are brown? (pair of shorts from a friend)
Nuala: No...
Me: Then why not?
Nuala (diplomatically): Well... I just don’t really draw with brown..

May 2012 (the first few were while we were in Ireland)

Nuala (about castle ruins): If we were going in there, I would not want to be at the back or the front. The back because a ghost might sneak up on us, and not the front because if there was a ghost, everyone might scream “ahhh! a ghost!” and turn around to run and then I’d be at the back! (She's got a good point, she does...)
May 2012, Ballycarberry Castle, Ireland
Bran: Manners? Like “table manners?” I’ve heard of them before!

Bran (at the medieval banquet): Why can’t we just eat in the car?
Me: Why do you want to do that? The castle is really cool!
Bran: I don’t like food from long ago.
Me: When did you have it?
Bran: Well, I’ve never had it, but it just seems super rotten...
Me: Ohhhh! Bran, it's not the exact food, saved from long ago! It's just the TYPE of food they ate long ago!
Bran (still wary): Oh... So, how many years ago is it from?
May 2012, Ireland

Nuala: I’m a princess with pants on!

Maeve: Mama! Nuala not grumpy anymore! ….(sly look on face) ...Hi, SISSY!
Nuala: *Grrrumph...*
Maeve, smiling: Now she mean! (Nuala hated when Maeve would call her that... little rascal...)
Spring 2012, Bulgaria
Me: Who's your best friend, Bran?
Bran: I don’t know... maybe Maeve! And my whole family!

Bran: Mommy, why do sharks make the noise: Du-DUH! Du-DUH! ? (Jaws theme music. Not from seeing the movie! Just from hearing their daddy make that noise when he'd pretend to be a shark.)
Spring 2012, Bulgaria
June 2012

Maeve: My pullin’ my pants down...
Me: Why?
Maeve: Some brain zombies pulled them up...

Me (to Bran): Don’t even ask!
Maeve (to Bran): Ban! Don’t eat the grass!

Spring 2012, Bulgaria
Nuala: Mommy, did your patience just start? (b/c in the evening I would say stuff about how I was all out of patience, my patience ran out, etc...)

Bran (slightly offended at Maeve's request for him to polish her shoes): Maeve, I am a REAL ninja warrior! I was not made to polish, I was made to fight!

(Sometime in early 2011...when he was 4 and a bit... I just now found the little note...)
Bran: Mommy, why are YOU not cleanin’ up?
Me: WHAT did you say??
Bran: Um... anything (that’s what he said instead of “nothing” for a long time :) … um, we are cleaning up a LOT!
Me: You know I heard you...

Ready for campin', Spring 2012, Bulgaria
Also 2011...
Me: You’re very cute, you know.
Bran: Yeah...
Me: Oh, you know that?
Bran: (nods)
Me: How?
Bran: Because I saw myself in the mirror.

August/September 2012

Bran (hopefully, about our Disneyland trip): Is our hotel on a rollercoaster?

Maeve (looking at Gospel Art pictures): Is Jesus sad?
Me: Well, no, not there, but He’s sad when we make bad choices, or are mean, or disobedient...
Maeve: ...when I step on the ants, He will be sad!
Nuala: Are you tired because you were laying down?  That’s the problem with mommies! They lay down, and then they are very tired...

Nuala (while Bran is crying): His nose, I think, got bonked into my knee...
Me: Did you move your knee or did he move his head INTO your knee?
Nuala: Well... I moved my knee...

Bran (in awe, about an “old” stairway near the playground): I think this was around in 1987!
Spring 2012, Bulgaria
Me (looking at Maeve's coloring page from nursery): And what is Jesus doing here? (reaching His hand out to heal a young man)
Maeve: … Cutting him’s head off!

Bran (as we drove past a Popeyes restaurant on Camp Foster, being renovated): What happened to Popeyes?
Me: They're fixing it...
Bran (nodding knowingly): Oh, still from World War II? (We'd been talking a bit about the war and Okinawa, etc. Apparently he figured it had been damaged in the war and was not yet back to pre-war conditions...)

Nuala (singing): It doesn’t mean you’re not pretty, if your shoes are not pretty! You are still pretty, even if your shoes aren’t! (Apparently she wasn't thrilled with her shoes.)

Enjoying the snow, SPRING (supposedly) 2012, Bulgaria
Maeve (angry at Bran hogging the water bottle): Bran, you are going to drink the water ALL!

Nuala (about a convertible VW Beetle): Oh man, that is the AWESOMEST Slug Bug ever!
Me: Why?
Nuala: Because its head can come off!

Nuala (about McD’s): Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, YUCK!
Bran (exasperated): Nuala, you used all of your “yucks” up!

Maeve (to Daddy): You will go in the ocean and the sharks will eat you?
Daddy: No, they won’t eat me!
Maeve: They will just SNIFF you?
Spring 2012, Bulgaria

Me (about a big Cheerios mess): Did you drop them by accident?
Maeve: Yep, but that is all! And I said sorry to the Cheerios: “oh, my sorry...”

Maeve: Mommy! You have to lean backer and backer! (when she was in the bathroom and wanted me to leave)

Maeve: ...Tuesday... then Threes-day...

Bran (trying to see the TV): Maeve, move out of the way! Maeve... please move! ...Maeve (here he sighs resignedly)...wah, wah, I’m your baby! Baby needs some.. peanuts...
Me: Nice one, Bran.
Maeve (runs and gets the peanuts, then resettles herself on the couch): Here they are, baby!  Now, sit in Mama’s lap, baby! Come on, baby! (etc.)
Bran (to me, as he maneuvers himself onto Maeve's lap to be her baby): This is the bad part...
June 2012, Bulgaria

(While watching Team Umizoomi, and yelling out shapes)
Maeve: Elbows!
Bran and Nuala: …rectangles...

Nuala (about checking their body parts: {“Take 5”: feet, hands, eyes, mouth, ears} in Primary to make sure they’re being reverent):  We don’t have to check our nose, because it’s always pretty reverent!

Maeve (to Aoife, though I'm sure she already knew it): You are THIS kind of two (holding up two fingers), not THIS kind of two (holding up three)!

Me (after some mean words between N&B): Okay, you're each going to say some nice things about the other one! Bran, say three nice things about Nuala.
Bran: ummmm.... hmm...... (thinking lots)
Nuala (indignantly): I already thought of TWO things!
Me: Well, hold on... Bran, really now, tell me something you like about Nuala...
Bran:  I just can’t think of one right now....
Me:  Fine. Nuala, you tell me what you like about Bran.
Nuala:  ummm.... hmmm... (thinking lots)
Me: You said you already thought of two things!
Nuala: Yes, for Bran to say about ME!

Spring 2012, Bulgaria
Maeve (while nursing she pulled off and patted my boob): Save this...
Me: What?
Maeve: Save this meemee! I am going to come and drink it!

Maeve: I’m a little bit big, and a lot of little!

June 2012, Bulgaria
Stay tuned... for the NEXT installment of... The Things They Say...


Tara said...

Yay! It has been forever since you posted one of these. I love all of's fun to see pictures from when they were a bit smaller. Bran is so funny, sending Maeve to get him peanuts, and Nuala already thinking of two things for him to say about her, lol. And Maeve is just hilarious, it's obvious she really embraces her role as the rascally little sister!

pauline said...

Those are great! Also the pictures are wonderful ... Dad & LOL'd lots! Love, Mom xox

pauline said...

... so, I just came on your blog to get to Tara's as yours is more automatic on our computer ... and I had to read these again, and I LOL'd so much again ... now I know where to go when I need a good laugh :) :) :) love you all ... Mom xox