Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"the very best one..." (and pretty sure about it, too)

Maeve EenieMeenieMineyMoe from Fiona Rollins on Vimeo.

Maeve's take on Eenie Meenie Miney Moe... she has learned well from her big bro and sis, to not pick herself for the one who is "not it."  She's so funny. Doesn't take any guff.

After this whole debacle, Bran matter-of-factly announced: "In real life, Jesus is the best, and we are the second best!" He's a rascal, but a sweet one.

Also, I have been behind on posting (again) because we got a new laptop, and I have to learn the ins and outs of a different photo system. Which, admittedly, is not really all that complicated, I'm sure... but hey! I'm 33! Not (as young) a pup, anymore! (Makes some of y'all reallllly old, huh? ;)


pauline said...

Hehehehee ... I just had to watch it again's SO funny ... love, Mom (Dad too) xox

Tara said...

I seriously love this video so much. Maeve is so awesome. Nora made us watch it about 53 times, and then she kept asking me what she said and then has been trying to sing that song the rest of the day. I love the way she says "QUIET" at the end. I get the impression she doesn't have too much trouble holding her own against Nuala and Bran :).

Grandma said...

right on Maeve!!!! adorable how she holds her own with the big guys.