Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maeve says cute stuff. Here's proof.

*Note: If you get bored of quotes-that-her-parents-love, skip to the end for a fun and adorable video. That is a totally unbiased description*
This chatty little lass now merits inclusion in the "things they say" posts. She is super cute and funny. I know, I know... two things that no other parents of 2-year olds EVER think about their children. Here are some Maeve quotes, going back to October. Obviously the October quotes are not as complex and witty (though still, of course, brilliant) as the later ones, but it was just after she really started bustin' out the sentences, so we jotted some of her stuff down. Officially, her first 3+ word sentence, with everything in the right form/place, was at 19-months and it was: "I found a book!" And yeah, she now says "My" usually instead of "I". Go figure. But I like it :)

Baby watchin' a show! Watchin' Duck Tales! (About her baby doll, Blue Baby)
Mama! Baby suckin' thumb! (From her bed one night, also about Blue Baby)
I get more shots in little while...
Me: Maeve, can you please go upstairs and get Bran his tse-tse (blankie)?
Maeve: I can't! It too heavy!
{A makeup session with Nuala and Mama.}
I drink it! ...can I? (She's been really sweet about asking permission to do things. When it suits her, of course. And then if you say "no" she's not so sweet.)
Tank you! (Not really an interesting quote by itself, but she went for about a month or two of thanking me after she finished nursing. Quite adorable.)
It weally hot? It weally warm? (She would always ask that about mugs of wassail she wanted to try.)

M: Mama, kitty fall down on noggin!
Me: Oh, no!
M: Yeah! My see him!
Why bonk-a my head? (Asked whenever she, or someone else would bonk her(self) on the head. Always in a very accusatory and hurt voice.)
Mommy, Bran look-a my window! Bran! Not look-a my window!! (While driving. She picks up sooo quickly from her big sis and bro...)
I whack-a Ivy! Ivy cwy! (I'll note that this didn't happen, as far as I know, but she used to say it quite often. If it did happen, I am SO sorry, Ivy.)
{During her UTI days... I thought Z was up late in there, reading, but it was Maeve.}
My hode-joo! (This is how she asked to be held. As in "my hold you". Or "Daddy hode-joo"meant "Daddy, hold me" or "Bran hode-joo" meant "Bran, hold me"... you get the picture.)
Mommy, need HEP me! (Um...when she needed help.)
M, while coloring: Look, Nuala, a' my elephant!
N: Oh, yes, Maeve! It's really... colorful!
M: All done, Mama!
Me: Oh, you're all done?
M: Yeah. My tummy hurtin'.
{Morning fruit! I always have to give her strawberries after she eats her other fruit. If I give them all at once, she just eats the strawberries and doesn't want the others.}

While picking who they wanted in their story...
Bran: I pick Launchpad!
Nuala: I pick Webigail!
Me: Okay...
Maeve: Mama, I pick a baby?
Me, as Maeve comes over sniffling and wiping her face on my leg: Oh, do you have snot?
Maeve: No, wipe it on Mama's pants!
M, quite out of breath: Gamma Buttons chased me!
Me: Oh, did she catch you?
M: Yeah!
Me: What did she do?
M: Eated my BAINS! (yeah, "brains." We have many a zombie chase in our house.)
Me: Oh, no!
M: Yeah! All up!
M: Mama, I go play wif Ivy soon?
Me: Soon?
M: Yeah. 'Morra (tommorow).
MOMMY!! Get OUT of here! (wanting up from a nap)
Mama! My making a egg! ... a apple! (while making little ball-like shapes with salt dough)
These next two... poor girl probably was wondering what sort of an eejit she got landed with for a mother, stuck on repeat so much... I was just trying to get her to expound on what she was asking for. The swimsuit one was actually very "grown-up" sounding, and she was just so matter-of-fact and all... I was in a slight state of shock.

M: Mama, I color?
Me: You want to color?
M: I color?
Me: You want to color?
M: Mama, paper?
Me: You want to color?
M: MAMA! Say, "yeah!" (I could almost hear a sigh of exasperation here at the end)
M: Where is my swimsuit?
Me: Where is your swimsuit?
M: In the bafwoom?
I want to DON'T like it! (This was in response to me saying, "you like this!" about something I was feeding her... I can't remember what it was... After that, she began saying it for anything she didn't like. She even busted out "I want to don't want to!" along with "I want to don't like it!" about things she didn't want to do, instead of just saying, "I don't want to.")
Leave it! (This was a trademark Maeve phrase for a month or two. Whenever anyone was doing something she didn't like, she would holler "leave it!!" at them.)
Me: Yuck!
M: What?
Me: Somebody got something yucky on the wall... probably Daddy...
M: Daddy poopin' on the window? (Something obviously got lost in translation there...)
Bran: Maeve, why can't I sit here? (on Pooh car)
Maeve: Make Bran cwy!
Me: Why?
Maeve: Because fall DOWN!
Mommy, please hep me my down.
{A birthday dress from Grandma Buttons. She didn't want to take it off.}
Mommy! A Christmas tree! For Santa! (This was about the shape of the contents of her poopy diaper. Don't worry, Santa. We didn't send it your way, nor save it for you.)
Maeve: When my big?
Me: When will you be big? Why do you want to be big?
Maeve: My paragliding up high, with Mommy!
Mommy, I want to watch Scooby Doo with Mommy meemees. ("Meemees" = boobies... nursing.)
My coat is weally, weally awesome.
Pweeting = Sleeping. It just sounds so funny. Especially because she's really got pretty good diction, otherwise. Oh, and poop sounds more like "pyoop." You totally wanted to know that.

February (she turned 2 on the 6th)
NOT cousin Gracie two today... BABY Gracie! (Never mind that Gracie is one day older than her... apparently I've called her "Baby Gracie" a bit often...)
Mama, will you wrap my bed? (This is so dang cute, how she asks me to make her bed. I love how toddlers think.)
Mama, BIG your bum! (Just what I love to hear while kneeling down praying. EVERYONE'S bum looks bigger when you stick it out like that! Just for the record.)
Thank you for my panties, thank you for Nuala's panties, thank you for Bran's panties, thank you for Mommy's panties... (in her bedtime prayer, after we busted out some panties for her. In Bran's defense, he does not, actually, wear panties.)
Look at my panties! (making a little Superman action figure talk, in a little deep Superman voice. I can't in good faith defend HIM, because it does look like he's wearing panties. Sorry, dude.)
{With her little friend, Ivy. Eating strawberries. They are really, really cute.}
Mama... YOU have a pocket! And ME don't have a pocket... (while looking for a place to stash her coin. It went in my pocket.)
Can you please run over, go get water?
While "talking" on the phone to cousin Tressa:
Hi, Tressa! Whatcha doin'? Feeding Nora? Haha! By yourself? Haha! Bye, Tressa! (She thought it was so funny, pretending T was feeding N all by herself)
Again, "talking" on the phone:
Hi, Nora! ........hahahaha! Ooooh, boy!! Bye, Tressa or Nora!
{Trying to zip Ivy into her coat.}
M: My want to see my blood!
Me: So you want to cut your arm and see all the blood pouring out of your owie?
M (after a pause): My want to see DADDY'S blood!
Bran, can you please button it? (asking Bran to lock the little gate for the stairs)
Zac: I like your haircut!
Maeve: Thank you! Mommy cut it! And it's not too much owie!
Zac, while getting ready to give me a shot in my stomach: Maeve really wishes we could use this BIG needle and it would go faster!
Me: Ugh, no! It would go right into my guts!
Maeve: No, it would go into your noodles! (What we had just eaten for dinner)
Maeve: Bran, you wanna sit by me?
Bran: (silence)
Maeve: BRAN! You wanna sit by me?!
Bran: (silence)
Maeve: BRAN!! Say, "yeah, I wanna sit by me!"
{Cleaning up her pee. That little wipee didn't do much, but she sure was cheery about it!}
And the super adorable video. Hideouts, panties, sharks... Two-year olds are awesome.


Tara Milligan said...

Oh my goodness, there were so many that I loved soooo much...The coat one gets me every time, that is adorable. Lol about seeing Daddy's blood instead of hers...I could comment on all of them, she is so funny! Such a little character. I love her expression in the UTI picture, poor thing. And all the pics are gorgeous, she is just so smiley and happy all the time! Or, at least when you're taking pictures of her...but yeah, her huge smile is so cute and infectious, I can't wait to see her!

Megan and Greg said...

That video was so cute!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh, I could just die of cuteness. I mean, seriously, how adorable is she?!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love little ones and what they say!
Thanks for sharing.
Love, Grandma Buttons

Rob and Erin Smith said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love this post! I can't wait to show Aoife when she wakes up. She is so cute! She's living the life! Look at that smile! I love the orange dress up dress, and her eyeshadow, nice. Love her trying to zip Ivy, hee hee. Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

... ditto... Dad & I loved all the pics and funny sayings; of course the big BUM one was esp good, and I can just see it all ... also, the video is great... good job on the interview Mommy :) Maeve is so cute ... I had to laugh especially at her zipping Ivy's coat b/c she has this cute little ponytail hanging down on her forehead, and it looks like Ivy is zero-ing in on it... so funny. Thanks for that great post! Love, Mom (Dad too) xox

Anonymous said...

... and, she looks a lot like Bran in the video ... her eyes, etc... amazing...and I like her "bye" ... she is bilingual I see... this is Mom again ... I will hafta be "anonymous" in order to get away from the computer tonight ... xox

Aislinn said...

You need to post these more often so I don't lose track of all the cute things I want to comment on!!! She had me in stitches all through the post. What a little ham! I love the grin while she's cleaning up her pee, LOL. She's so hilarious!! Can't wait to see all of you in a couple of months! :D