Saturday, January 29, 2011

warrior queen Maeve

Maeve loves weapons. She loves to make weapon-y noises and loves to come after anyone. Especially Daddy.
Aren't Z's suspenders super awesome? I'm being serious. Mostly.
In Irish history/mythology, there's a famous Maeve, the warrior queen of Connacht. She was brave and strong and powerful and wily... but had a few not-so-good qualities, too. Our Maeve will only be similar to her in the good ways, I have no doubt! She's a sweetie, our Maevesters. A tough sweetie.
Bran is, of course, a master instructor in the art of swordsmanship.
Yeah, our little not-yet-one-year-old knows what to do with a toy gun. She makes really cool sound effects, too. I remember perfectly the first time Bran thought about a gun, after not ever being exposed to them (as far as I know). They were a couple of months past two, we were actually on the Antarctica cruise, and the little guy accidentally made a gun with his index finger and thumb, and he looked at it... and we saw something just click. He made a tentative gun noise and the rest is history. Maeve... yeah, there was no way her innocence was lasting even that long.
She likes the light sabers, but they're a little heavy and awkward for her to wield one-handed.
The foam swords are perfect! She likes Bran's ax, too. It's really cute. Almost every day when Z gets home from work, she'll jabber at him and have him hold her, and when he puts her down, off she'll go to get a sword to attack him with. She sure loves her daddy :)
And a little video, since obviously your life will be unfulfilled until you see her in action, and we can't have that...

Maeve Sword Fighting from Fiona Rollins on Vimeo.


David said...

It certainly looks like Maeve can give some lessons to Zac! He should be glad she didn't cut his suspenders. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Love, Dad and Mom

Megan and Greg said...

That was just the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! I love all those pics and that video was great! Greg will love this. She is so cute!

Tara Milligan said...

The whole time I was reading, I was hoping there would be a video, and there was! Yay! She is just too cute. The size of her, with her big sword, I love it! Very awesome suspenders on Z, too. I laughed right out loud when I got to the gun picture, she is just so cute. Funny about Bran knowing what to do with his finger gun, good thing Maeve has him around to teach her all about weapons!n

Rob and Erin Smith said...

Awesome!! I love it! The video is so cute! Z sure is a great Daddy for any girl (or guy) to have. But especially appropriate for a warrior queen, Maeve! I do like his suspenders, Z's I mean. What a fun post!

Grandma said...

Maueve is a terrific warrior princess.